What is The KISS Project?

The KISS Project is one fan’s attempt to review the entirety of KISS’ recorded output, one song at a time.

Every officially released KISS song has been assigned a number and with the help of a random number generator, each and every song will be put under the microscope and scrutinised, analysed and Animalized to within an inch of its existence. That’s everything from Strutter all the way to Don’t Touch My Ascot – the good, the bad and The Elder!

All reviews will take the same format. Click here for an example.

Remember – everything you read here is just my opinion. If I think your favourite song stinks or if I think your least favourite is a classic, feel free to let me know in the comments, but please, keep it respectful.

Like what you’re reading here? Great! Please consider buying me a coffee! It really does help and I appreciate every penny.

Thanks for checking the site out. Stay tuned for new reviews, coming as often as I can write them and enjoy your time here at the KISS Project!

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