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Reviewing the Hottest Band in the World, one song at a time.

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She’s So European

She’s So European Written by Gene Simmons and Vini Poncia Lead vocal: Gene Simmons Duration: 3:30 From the album Unmasked, 1980 Produced by Vini Poncia at the Record Plant in New York City In a nutshell: Hairy armpits, smelly cheese and a beret. So European. There’s a line in the song Make Me Smile (Come UpContinue reading “She’s So European”

Never Enough

Never Enough Written by Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer Lead vocal: Paul Stanley Duration: 3:26 From the album Sonic Boom, 2009 Produced by Paul Stanley and Greg Collins at Conway Recording Studios, California In a nutshell: Poison running through my veins… Review: For a lot of years Poison have caught a ton of flack fromContinue reading “Never Enough”


Strutter Written by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons Lead vocal: Paul Stanley Duration: 3:10 From the album KISS, 1974 Produced by Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise at Bell Sound Studios, New York In a nutshell: You never forget your first KISS. Review: I’ll never forget where I was the first time I heard – and moreContinue reading “Strutter”

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